Tuesday, September 24, 2013

09.23.13 — E. T.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Puzzle by Kevin Christian / Edited by Will Shortz

Two individually circled letters, E. and T., tie together the following in this very friendly Tuesday crossword:

OUTER / SPACE (13A. With 59-Across where [circled letters] came from)

REESES / PIECES (14D. With 41-Down, composition of a trail followed by [circled letters])

DREW BARRYMORE (20A. Child actress who appeared with [circled letters])

SPIELBERG (25A. Creator of [circled letters])

PHONE HOME (45A. What [circled letters] wanted to do)

FLYING BICYCLE (49A. Means  of escape for [circled letters])

Best Original SCORE (award for the film with [circled letters])

GHOST (35D. Costume for [circled letters] on Halloween)

Other — ATE DINNER and TO GO (3D. Had an evening meal; 15A. Like a drive-thru order), DOOR BELL (8D. Avon commercial sound), EAR DOCTOR (32D. One using an otoscope), “Little Latin LUPE Lu” (1966 hit); MOBILE BAY (33D. Locale of an 1864 Civil War blockade), SHINGLES (37D. They’re “hung out” by professionals), STABILITY (5D. What a gyroscope may provide).


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